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Philip J. Bryce

Philip J. Bryce

Attorney at Law

As a former CPA, Phil brings more than just legal experience to the table. He also brings a unique understanding of how the decisions you make today will financially impact your family members once you've passed away. For more than 30 years, Phil has been using this distinct skill set to guide families and individuals through the estate planning and asset protection processes. He strives to give his clients peace of mind that their loved ones will be taken care of and their property will be protected. In addition, Attorney Bryce offers representation in the face of IRS harassment. Schedule a free consultation to talk to Phil in Knoxville today.


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Decades of Experience

Our attorney has been advocating for individuals and families throughout Tennessee for more than three decades. Whether you're crafting a will, setting up trusts, striving to protect your assets, or handling an IRS issue, Attorney Bryce is ready to put his extensive experience to work for you.

Tax & Legal Knowledge

Phil's combined knowledge of tax law and estate planning makes him an exceptional legal partner if you are trying to create a roadmap for the distribution of your estate. Let him help you make smart financial decisions that will benefit both you and your loved ones down the line.

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Ensure that Your Final Wishes Will be Fulfilled

Everyone can benefit from having a comprehensive estate plan in place—no matter the number of assets you own. At Philip Bryce Attorney at Law, we provide skilled guidance to help you create a roadmap that suits your lifestyle, addresses your needs, and clearly communicates exactly how your estate should be administered once you've passed away.

One of the most important aspects of any well-crafted estate plan is a will. Your will should outline your final wishes on a variety of issues, including asset distribution, medical directives, guardianships, and more. Let's work together to draft a detail-oriented will that will hold up in probate. Schedule a free consultation with our attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee.

While having a well-thought-out will can simplify probate for your loved ones, setting up a trust may allow them to forgo this frustrating process altogether. However, establishing a trust can be complicated. Our firm has the experience necessary to advise you on revocable and irrevocable trusts and help you determine which legal document is right for you.

In addition to our estate planning services, we represent clients who are striving to protect their assets through Tennessee Investment Services Trusts or put a stop to harassing calls from the IRS. Reach out to us to gain peace of mind if you are located in Oak Ridge, Loudon, Morristown, Chattanooga, Maryville, or the surrounding areas of Tennessee.